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Identifying and revising the messages we send through our bodies and minds may be one of the most significant things we ever do for ourselves.

What a False Message Does

Sometimes life hands you a story. Maybe it came from a parent, a friend, a teacher, a co-worker. But you buy into it. You believe it. And it sticks, replaying over and over in the venue that is your mind.

If this story is negative, you’re stuck with a False Message, one that has the potential to limit you, slow you down, and distort your view of yourself.

Regardless of where these False Messages come from, they embed in your consciousness, and they can be challenging at first to identify because chances are they’ve felt like Truth for a long time. So how you do you spot a False Message? You start by looking at your own self-talk, the chatter that goes on inside your mind. Any time you message yourself in the negative, you’re replaying a False Message. Maybe a parent was never satisfied with your efforts, and you grew up believing you weren’t good enough. You internalized that story, and now you tell it to yourself. Or maybe a classmate teased you all the time, and you began to believe that there was something laughable about you. Or maybe an early collision with failure gave you the false impression that you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Once you’ve had some practice spotting False Messages, you’ll get good at it. Indeed, you want to get good at it because living with even a single self-reinforcing False Message can cause immeasurable damage. Moreover, it can significantly affect the way your life unfolds.

A False Message can be potent; it can feel real even though it may not be true. So it’s crucial to recognize the power of identifying it and replacing it with a message that allows you to reframe the narrative, heal, and take action. In short, a False Message–whatever its origin–needs to give way to a Second Message.

What a False Message Does
What a Second Message Does

What a Second Message Does

A Second Message replaces a False Message. It’s the narrative repair kit, so to speak.

So how do you create one? You reframe the narrative by switching out the old voice–the one reiterating that False Message inside your head–for a new voice and a new story. If you were telling yourself a victim story, for example, then you actively silence that voice and instead queue up a new voice that reaffirms the message that you have the power to take ownership of your life. The roles you default to often offer clues as to where your False Messages lurk and how they can be rooted out in order to make way for a Second Message. What’s more, if bouts of anxiety or depression have conditioned you to see yourself as weak, irresponsible, or deficient, then a new self-story that points you toward a more empowered role can become an opportunity for healing.

Micronutrients are likewise a powerful Second Message–a revised “narrative” for your body. When you re-message your cells with pure minerals and vitamins, you power up at a cellular level, priming your brain to process the new messages that empower you mentally. Second Messages are thus physical as well as mental, making body repair as important as thought repair.

Newly messaged, you’re more fit on every level to take decisive action that moves you not just toward wellness but toward a robust, new perspective of yourself and those you love.


New research offers compelling, scientific evidence that the brain needs nutrients to function properly. However, these nutrients, including essential minerals and vitamins, must be delivered in a form that allows them to penetrate the blood brain barrier effectively.

The video below is a FOX News report featuring excerpts from interviews with researchers who studied the effects of micronutrients on people suffering from mental illness. The product, manufactured by Truehope in Canada, is now available in the U.S. through Q Sciences.

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A healthier you means healthier relationships.

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The Tomato Effect

When the Spanish found the new world, they took back with them many new foods that they had discovered. One of them was the tomato, a food that grew in popularity from Spain to Italy to France and was, by 1560, a staple in the European diet. However, in North America, the tomato was considered poisonous because it belonged to the nightshade family of plants. Distrust of the tomato continued until 1820, when Robert Gibbon Johnson stood on the steps of the courthouse in Salem, NJ, and ate a whole tomato in front of a group of onlookers. Not surprisingly, he survived, and thus began the acceptance of the tomato as a food staple in North America.

In 1984, Dr. James S. Goodwin, MD, coined the term “The Tomato Effect” in a paper he wrote and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The piece references new medical treatments that had been proven effective but were largely ignored because they ran counter to current beliefs and practices.  Similarly, today, many therapies that have been proven effective are often ignored or rejected outright because they differ from accepted protocols.

If “The Tomato Effect” highlights the way new or unfamiliar or even counter-intuitive practices tend to trigger our suspicions, it also underscores the need for us to continually reexamine our own assumptions about what might be good for us and why, particularly when such practices have been validated by solid research.

Q Sciences’ EMPowerplus Q96 Testimonials

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    Andy C.
  • “For the first time in my life I feel in control of my mind. I am so thankful that the developers took the time and effort to make this available after it showed promise within their family.”
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