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Overcoming Depression, Owning Your Creativity

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Overcoming Depression, Owning Your Creativity

Depression, Anxiety, and the Artistic Temperament

In her landmark book, Touched With Fire:  Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament, Kay Redfield Jamison takes up the twin themes of creativity and madness, arguing that the two things are often not just bound up together but actually represent two sides of the same coin.

If you’re a Creative, you know what she’s talking about.  Perhaps even now you’re at the mercy of darker moods, your creative urges thwarted by the very brain chemistry that enables your creativity.  You may wonder:  how can I access my gifts when I’m in a state of anguish?

But what if the dark states of mind and emotion so often attached to the creative life weren’t attached to it?—and you were simply free to get back to the business of using your gifts?  You’d be unleashed, even unstoppable.


Managing the “Downs” With Micronutrients

So, I’m not a World-changing Creative, but I do know about the downs.  A writer since the age of eight, I know what it feels like to have a mind brimming with words; I also know what it feels like to have a mind emptied of everything but fear.  If someone had told me years ago that I could eliminate the anxiety, fear, and depression but hold onto the writerly  me, I would have been ready to sell my soul.  (Well, almost.)  Nothing is more painful than knowing you have a gift you cannot tap into or deploy because your moods are holding you hostage.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have believed that a brain nutrition regimen could shave off the lows while leaving my writing instincts not only intact but revitalized.  But the fact is, brains need food!  Our neurotransmitters need nourishment!  And the brains of Creatives may need extra in order to function optimally.

In medicine, the term “magic bullet” is used to describe the perfect drug to cure a disease, with no side effects.  In this sense, micronutrients really are the magic bullet, nourishing and supporting the brain without causing any damaging side effects.  Moreover, a potent micronutrient regimen facilitates optimal brain function—crucial for people who rely on their minds as their primary tool for creativity.


Why The Right Micronutrients are Key to Robust Brain Health

But not just any combination of minerals and vitamins restores and optimizes brain health.  Minerals need to be chelated so they can effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier.  In addition, minerals and vitamins need to work together in the right proportions for maximum bio-availability and uptake by the body and brain.  EMPowerplus Q96, the potent micronutrient supplement I’ve been taking for a year now, provides all this in a micronized formula that might just be the most researched brain-health supplement on the planet.  But more important, it gives my creative mind something truly unique:  the magic bullet that powers my brain so that I’m free to leverage my creativity.  I can’t imagine living without the micronutrients that fuel me.  Now, I’m no longer a Creative who struggles with anxiety and mood swings; I’m just a Creative, pure and simple.